Facility and Asset Management Solutions

Software for managing facilities, infrastructure, and real estate

Geomap is a leading solution provider for real estate, facility and asset management.

Our solution

With our solutions and services for facility management, the customer is always updated on the status of interventions and timing of execution. In fact, the technicians receive in real time the list of activities to be carried out, including all the necessary technical information as well as the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities to be performed. Not only that, but they also receive real-time updates on the services provided and any problems. Geomap facility management software streamlines the management of buildings operations, assets, and people.

Software and Services for an efficient Facily Management

GEOMAP Facility Management Software: All-in-one solution for your facility management.

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Solutions and Services for Asset Inventory Management

Geomap Asset Management System (AMS) is an End-to-End solution for an efficient and precise asset inventory management.

Consulting, asset inventory activities, and account reconciliation are some of the features theat GEOMAP offers for a proper Asset Inventory Management.

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Smart Cities Management System

GEOMAP Urban Facility Management (UFM) enables the management of urban activities such as: street and road signs, pipes, street lights, and much more.

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Our service

Geomap, together with the facility management software, offers architectural survey services, digital twins, and 3D laser scanning. The data captured allow to create as-built drawings in CAD/.dwg or to realize BIM models (.ifc). BIM models can be created on built environment through the Scan-to-BIM process or during the design phase.

In addition, through our reality capture and asset inventory services we can provide updated assets data. Once the data acquisition phase is over, Geomap proceeds to the setup of the information system with the technical information and maintenance plans.

3D Digitization

3D digitization service and laser scan of buildings and industrial plants.

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Asset Inventory Management

Don't you have a complete picture of all your assets? GEOMAP performs asset inventory activities.

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Asset Reconciliation

GEOMAP AMS makes possible to know exactly all the assets owned and their maintenance status.

Afterwards, GEOMAP will perform also all the account reconciliation activities

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Taylor-Made Solutions

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority!

GEOMAP solutions can be personalized based on customer's need.

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Private Cloud Systems

Our IWMS/CMMS software allows to have a complete and precise knowledge of your real estate portfolio and related assets. We implement projects starting from the activities of asset digitization and setup of our in-house software Geomap FMS. This approach enables to offer an effective and ready to be used solution. In the same way, we implement asset management projects through Geomap AMS software, starting from asset inventory services up to the alignment with accounting data in order to faithfully comply with the regulatory framework.

Clients and Installations

Our technological solutions are currently used from +320 customers and are useful and economically advantageous in the management of different contexts such as large real estate complexes, industrial plants, shopping centers, institutions and public administration (universities, cities, etc.), hospitals, airports, offices and similar facilities.

Customers and Installations
Properties Managed
Released Licenses
Sector and Application

Asset Geo-Location

GEOMAP Software allows to visualize the exact location of all assets and technical components by associating a geographic location with GPS coordinates. For instance, it is possible to analyze in the floor plan the asset and building systems (fire alarm system, HVAC etc..) distribution. Also the maintenance activities are geo-located in order to optimize activities and human resource management.


GEOMAP counts on the latest technology available on the market to perform its activities as well as on a professional team composed by engenieers, architect, surveyors, consultants, and many more.

All this enables GEOMAP to efficiently digitalize all the assets and components as well as remote control systems to perform asset inventory activities.  

Customized Solutions

GEOMAP develops every project based on client's need providing customized Softwares and solutions.

End-to-End Solutions 

GEOMAP provides a continuous support to its clients, starting from the the deployment up to the implementation.


GEOMAP Facility Management Software is cloud-based. All the stakeholders will be informed about the ongoing activities in real time. 

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Added Value

All-in-one, customizations, and integrability

Through our Services we are able to offer end-to-end, customized and integrated solutions.

Related to all the facility management activities, first phase will be collecting all the assets, their digitalization and setting up GEOMAP Facility Management Software. All this will enable companies to run efficiently.

Regarding the asset inventory activities, once carried out, GEOMAP will release an updated asset inventory list including all the asset technical information.



We are pleased to announce the participation of Geomap at MIPIM 2022 that will take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes (France) from 15 to 18 March 2022….




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